26 juni, 2009

Alice, follow the White Rabbit!

Nu har jag gjort klart kaninen som hör till Alice!

Och här är de då tillsammans;

med min hand också ;)
För att man lättare ska få ett hum
om hur stora pärlplattorna är.

Translation; Alice & The White Rabbit.

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Nikki sa...

I really love your Alice in Wonderland. Can you please share where you got the pattern from and any advice on doing perler beads? You're website really inspires me to want to try this.

Pysselninja sa...

Hi Nikki!
You didn't leave an e-mail or webpage for me to respond to, so I hope you check back here and se my response! :)
I found a finished Alice on Deviantart.com and then I just made one by counting the pearls in that creation.
If you click my images you'll get a HUGE version of it, easy to see all of the pearls & copy.

To make the bead you need the peg boards that click into eachother, the ones you can build bigger works on. I think you need 2 of them, perhaps 4....can't remember.
I usually just start from the top or bottom and I always does the outlining first.
You can look at my Optimus Prime


to see what I mean.
And when you're finished, use ironing paper and iron until it melts the way you like it to. And make sure all of the beads/pearls have been ironed, otherwise it will break.
Then I always turn my work up side down so that the ironed side is faced down, and then I iron the other side too. I like it to have more stability.

Oh, here's a guide I've made;


Keep in touch and tell me how you're doing! :D
/Crafty ninja.

Pysselninja sa...

Oh, I posted the wrong link,
check this one out for a guide;


Anonym sa...

Riktigt snygga plattor!!! Tycker det blir riktigt bra att du använder flera olika färger av samma färg, såsom ljusblå och blå

Anonym sa...

Oj gud så snygga!
Din blogg ska jag följa! <3

Pysselninja sa...

Anonym nr 2:
varsågod att följa! ♥ ♥ ♥